100% Design

100% Design is a showcasing of amazing brands ranging from design to hospitality, office to residential interiors and a lot of incredible concepts in between. 100% Design South Africa is on from the 5th to the 9th of August at Gallagher Estate alongside Decorex. Seeing so many exciting brands, from ones I’m familiar with like Dokter and Misses and Henriette Botha to discovering new ones like Fabrica, Arkivio, Robin Sprong, Studio Glass and  Meraki was pretty inspiring. There’s are so many talented people out there slowly working at building a local consumer culture and that makes me really happy. The only downside I found was holding myself back from spending an entire monthly budget on beautiful things… Here are some snaps of what I loved at 100% South Africa 2016.

Robin Sprong Wallpaper

Meraki Jewellery

Studio Glass

Studio Glass images provided by Brett Rubin.

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