3ina is a pretty spectacular makeup brand that’s new to SA. Encouraging a playful and innovative take on beauty, 3ina has on-trend colours and textures with a ‘no rules’ approach. I love the sleek monochromatic packaging and in-store experience. The riot of colour and minimal layout will have you in a makeup candy store! Even though the range is really affordable, the high professional standards ensure quality products. I recently went to the launch and picked up some essentials in muted tones, not the brights that the brand is famous for. Here’s a look at my 3ina launch haul and how everything’s worked so far.

The Stylist's Notebook 3ina Launch Haul

I purchased The BB Cream in 202, The Cream Eyeshadow in 312, The Highlighting Concealer in 201 and The Colour in 149.

I’ve struggled to track down a long-wearing BB cream that wasn’t tested on animals. One of the in-store experts at 3ina helped me find my colour match and I tried it the very next day. I’ve been wearing 3ina’s BB Cream every day since and I like that it has a  light texture that stills stays on until the end of the day.

A highlighting concealer is another item I’ve searched for since switching to Cruelty-Free. Due to the nature of the concealer, it’s not going to hide all discolouration but it does leave a noticeable difference that’s subtle enough to look natural. I tried layering mine over a thicker concealer after a particularly long night  and I managed to look bright and perky.  I’ve also tried The Highlighting Concealer. just above my browbone and extended onto the cheekbone. It gives a low-key sheen for natural highlight that a traditional powder doesn’t give.

The Stylist's Notebook 3ina Launch Haul

The Cream Shadow comes in 18 metallic shades, going from this gentle pink to punchy yellow and turquoise. The shimmer is subtle enough for day-time and a little goes a long way. A very long way! I dipped the tip of my finger into the jar to get a very small amount and had enough for two eyelids. Its wear factor is strong enough to last from 8am til 6pm and still be in its true shade with iridescence. I forsee a lot of disco ball eyelids in my spring and summer beauty routine.

So I’m one of those old-fashioned girls who would rather paint her nails than have gelish done in a salon or spa. Which means the huge selection of colours was heaven to me, there are 90 (!!!!!!) shades to choose from. My nails also chip really quickly because of how stuff much I do with my hands, maybe 2 to 3 days and my colour is done. 3ina’s enamel has lasted me 5 days and counting!! This pink toned nude is a current favourite of mine having played with concrete and greige nail colours all Winter.


  1. Tissam Est La September 4, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Hi ! 😀 I absolutely love the 3ina makeup and I probably shouldn’t say it but I think I’m borderline obsessed with the quality of their makeup x)
    I have many things from their range, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners… I have written a full review about their 18 Cream Eyeshadows, maybe you’d like to see what the 17 other colors look like ! The only thing I’ve never even been near is their nail polishes – I don’t wear nail lacquer much so I thought it’d be a waste of money since I already have two drawers full of nail lacquers x)
    Thank you so much for your review ! I’ve been trying to see what their face makeup is worth (except the highlighters and blush that I already have) and I think next time I go to London I’ll try and find some matches to my skin ! 😀
    Tissam Xx


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