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Yoga for the Heart

Ah heart openers! For beginners, front body openers or back bends can be intimidating but they are a beautiful and integral part of a practice. They can be empowering and help build confidence. Just think of the posture someone’s hold when they’re are feeling confident- spine straight and chest outwards- compared to they’re not feeling… Continue reading

Journaling for Begininers

The alternative title for this was “Journaling for People Who’ve Never Stuck To It“, because I’ve never managed to before and so I’m a beginner. Having always loved the idea of journaling, but never really loving the process, a chance encounter changed my mind on what journaling actually is. Bringing it into my life as… Continue reading

Chocolate Maca Truffles

Looking for a Valentines dessert that’s easy, impressive and good for you? Chocolate is an obvious choice for a romantic treat. Combine it with adaptogen Black Maca, the protein punch of humble black beans and you’ve got a twist on the classic chocolate truffle.  I first tried black bean truffles at a friends house after… Continue reading

Regaining Health: Motivation

In the last of our Regaining Health Series, we look at motivation. All of us have dips in motivation at some point in our journey. Work, studies, socialising or something out of the blue could take your motivation for a knock but there are two things to know; 1. Motivation fluctuates, that’s natural and 2)…. Continue reading

Regaining Health: Get Moving

Let’s get you moving. This is the part everyone thinks health starts with; exercise! I chose to start this series with self reflection and food because I know very active people who can miss two weeks of gym visits and still stay healthy without you or me noticing a difference. Why? They turn to some form… Continue reading

Regaining Health: What I eat

So far in the Regaining Health series of blog posts, I’ve chatted about my story, how I got started with finding a “Why” and the all-important relationship with food. Now that communication is open on ideas about eating, habits and triggers with food, it’s on to the practical stuff. In this post I’ll talk about… Continue reading

Zesty Stir Fry Bowl with Sriracha Tofu

This Zesty Stir Fry Bowl with Siriracha Tofu is easy and comes together quickly with a little spice, a punch of citrus from fresh limes and nutty flavour from peanut butter. It’s crunchy and full of depth,light and fresh but satisfying and will keep you satiated. Perfect for a summer lunch or dinner. Although I… Continue reading

Regaining Health: Your Relationship with Food

In my second post on Regaining Health, following my own journey into wellness, I spoke about Figuring Your Why. Delving a little further, looking at your relationship with food is intrinsicly linked your physical and mental health. It isn’t just what’s on your plate, but your choices and beliefs about food too. Here are just a… Continue reading