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Feeling Lush

I just got out of possibly the most luxurious bath I've ever taken, thanks to Lush. The worldwide phenomenon and cult following behind Lush, isn't just about beautiful products, delicious scents and in-store experience, it's the values behind the brand too. But more about that after I tell you about my recent Lush haul and this... Continue reading


Continuing my series on switching to Cruelty Free products I thought I'd show you my basic makeup kit. It's taken a while to rehaul my cosmetics bag but I've now got (almost) everything I need. I decided to strategically buy nudes and peachy hues across skin, eyes and lips as a starter beauty kit because... Continue reading


Skincare is next up in our series of reviews on products I've tried out on my cruelty-free journey! Changing my skincare to cruelty-free has been more affordable than other parts of my beauty routine. Being in lovely Johannesburg, hydration is one of my skin concerns- it can get so dry up here! I also have sensitivity... Continue reading


3ina is a pretty spectacular makeup brand that's new to SA. Encouraging a playful and innovative take on beauty, 3ina has on-trend colours and textures with a 'no rules' approach. I love the sleek monochromatic packaging and in-store experience. The riot of colour and minimal layout will have you in a makeup candy store! Even... Continue reading

3ina launches in SA!

Meet 3ina! You say it 'Mina', you wear it how ever you please! The bold makeup brand launched in South Africa last week Thursday and I'm excited about this addition to beauty bags around the country! To celebrate 3ina arriving on our shores, the multi-talented  Anna-Belle of She Said asked if I'd collaborate with her and... Continue reading

Cruelty-Free Hair Care

Welcome to the first in a series of reviews on Cruelty-Free beauty products I've tried and tested! The support from the post On Going Cruelty-Free and the List of Cruelty-Free Brands was amazing so I thought I'd share what works for me. We're starting at the very top, with hair care. Here's a selection products I've given a... Continue reading

Cruelty-Free Brands List

Thank you for visiting this page on cruelty-free brands, I really hope that you find this list useful. And a huge thank you to everyone who read my post On Going Cruelty-Free in the first place. The positive response was overwhelming and the support gives hope that a lot of readers will consider using more products... Continue reading

On Going Cruelty-Free

Just over a year ago, I started changing my beauty regime to only include Cruelty-Free products. Now I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences on buying and trying these products, The process has also raised a lot of questions with those around me, and within myself. I don't recall the actual date I decided to stop... Continue reading

Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, apparently it’s not an unusual as I’d thought. According to industry peeps, it’s no more difficult to treat than other skin types but it has it’s namesake for a reason. It’s reactive, it can get drier at slight atmospheric or temperature changes,  if you’re pale rosacea can be part of the package and it… Continue reading