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Regaining Health: Motivation

In the last of our Regaining Health Series, we look at motivation. All of us have dips in motivation at some point in our journey. Work, studies, socialising or something out of the blue could take your motivation for a knock but there are two things to know; 1. Motivation fluctuates, that’s natural and 2)…. Continue reading

Regaining Health: Get Moving

Let’s get you moving. This is the part everyone thinks health starts with; exercise! I chose to start this series with self reflection and food because I know very active people who can miss two weeks of gym visits and still stay healthy without you or me noticing a difference. Why? They turn to some form… Continue reading

Regaining health: Figuring out “Why?”

Just by clicking through to this post you've already shown yourself one thing:  you're interested in your own health and wellbeing. You wouldn't spend your valuable time on this page if you didn't feel that your health is important to you. That's a pretty good start but finding and keeping motivation levels can be challenging.... Continue reading

24 Hours at Pablo House

This hidden gem is about to become Joburg's most treasured not-so-secret locale. Pablo House, a boutique guest house, boasts the rarety of sweeping views of Johannesburg, elegant design and every creature comfort conceivable. The luxury retreat sits at Melville's highest point and is ideally located to the city centre, cultural hubs and the quaint surrounding suburbs.... Continue reading

Spanx & Zemp: Ideal Travel Companions

They say that once the travel bug bites, it's an obsession that never stops. After travels abroad in my early 20's, I slowed down on trips away for many reasons but this year I've decided to make it a priority again. Luckily for me, reconsidering my travel essentials to keeping packing light, smart and multi-functional has... Continue reading

The Fussy Vegan

Vegan food that's convenient, healthy and doesn't break the budget? Almost unheard of in Joburg! Until The Fussy Vegan opened a few months ago. Offering quick grab-n-go meals, sit down options and some deli-style items, it really means there's no excuse not to try adding some plant-based meals to your routine. When a scroll through Instagram showed... Continue reading

Change one small thing with Restraw

I don't know about you, but I'm not that into New Year's Resolutions... I tend to forget all about them until it's December and I realise that I haven't learnt French or bungee jumped again. So I prefer setting new goals at any point that feels right. And if one thing you'd like to do in... Continue reading

Razor Charlie

Razor Charlie is serving up Latin American street food, tequila and a whole lot of fun in the heart of Kramerville, Sandton. The new eatery has an outdoor cafe approach with touches of South American style and iconography. Razor Charlie takes over a spot in the same space that holds much loved Joburg gems like Amatuli,... Continue reading