Feeling Lush

I just got out of possibly the most luxurious bath I’ve ever taken, thanks to Lush. The worldwide phenomenon and cult following behind Lush, isn’t just about beautiful products, delicious scents and in-store experience, it’s the values behind the brand too. But more about that after I tell you about my recent Lush haul and this particularly decadent bath.

The Stylist's Notebook- Lush Haul

My Lush haul, either purchased myself or given by friends, includes the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, R69; Beautiful Shower Gel, R95 for 100g, Daddy-O shampoo, R105 for 100g; Enchanted Eye Cream, R255 for 45g.

Let’s start with Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. As magical as it’s namesake, the pastel brilliance in this bubble bar is filled with glimmers and essential oils like lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang. What is a bubble bar you ask?  Simply put, a solid version of bubble bath. You crumble the bubble bar into the running water of the bath and its melts away into foam and froth. The Unicorn Horn turned my bath a deep jewel pink- something between a bright pink sapphire and pale ruby with tons of bubbles. Basically the colour of unicorns. The water also felt super silky and moisturising.

I’m going to having a nerdy moment here, and talk about the Prefect’s Bathroom in Hogwarts- the swimming pool sized marble bathtub lined with jewel encrusted taps that each let out a different, marvellous kind of scented and coloured water, either bubbly or milky but each one made you want to be a prefect just for that bathroom. JK Rowling obviously describes it much, much better than I do- but I think Lush actually have the formulas for the contents of each magical tap.

 When you’re in a pastel-hued, unicorn-inspired bath the best thing to wash with is obviously gold shower gel, right? Right. My sister in law got me Lush Beautiful Shower Gel, which is gold and filled with glimmers. It’s scented with peach juice and actual myrrh. Yes, the stuff that was gifted to baby Jesus. It works up to a rich lather and leaves you feeling just peachy.

The Stylist's Notebook- Lush Haul
The Stylist's Notebook- Lush Haul

Daddy-O Shampoo was recommended to me by a friend and the delectable smelling, violet formula gives hair a blue undertone. In layman’s terms, it makes blonde hair look less brassy. Daddy-O is the first non-medicated shampoo that’s gentle enough on my sensitive, problematic scalp for regular use.

Lastly is Enchanted Eye Cream, a gentle yet super moisturising eye cream with lavender honey water and Vitamin E from almond oil. Some eye creams tend to leave my skin feeling inflamed but this one just makes the skin firmer and less puffy. A tiny amount, less than a pea spreads over my entire eye area on both eyes.

The Lush brand has an incredible, but comparatively lofty, set of values that they live and work by. Lush uses eco-friendly ingredients and are approved by PETA as cruelty-free. They’ve pioneered what they call ‘Naked Packaging’, eliminating packaging as far as possible and using recycled and recyclable plastic packaging where they can’t cut out packaging altogether- like shampoo and shower gel bottles. Lush supports fair trade and prizes their hand made products. The company would rather employ more people as the business expands than get more machines for production. On some products, you can even see the name of the person who made it! With Lush you can make yourself feel good on the outside, but feel really really good on the inside.

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