Get Instant Cool with Raya Rossi’s Minimal Boho Accessories

If you’re looking for the kind of elegant and enduring suede chokers that get featured in international street style snaps, Raya Rossi Luxury Accessories has you covered. Raya is the blogger behind The Visual Journal, the Creative Director of A Fashion Friend and recently an entrepreneur. Her line of locally produced, hand-made chokers launched last year on Instagram and instantly took off with the Cape Town fashion pack. So when her online store launched this March, you know I clicked through to shop and asked Raya a few questions about the new business venture.

The best part is, Raya has kindly The Stylist’s Notebook readers a 10% discount code on purchases for the next week! Type in TSNDESERT at checkout and you’re done!

One of the first things that struck me on meeting Raya, was how effortless but distinctive her style is. Then her warm and bubbly personality kept me hooked and friendship blossomed- but Raya’s ease is unpinned by attention to detail and exacting taste. To me, that sums up the current Dessert range on chokers available of Every part of each choker is carefully thought out but they still ooze careless cool-girl attitude. Here’s what she’s got to say about it!

The Sty;ist's Notebook Raya Rossi
The Stylist's Notebook Raya Rossi
The Sty;ist's Notebook Raya Rossi

Tell us about Raya Rossi online?

I guess it’s a place to buy cool things. Last year as chokers hit the market I struggled to find interesting suede, quality pieces, so I thought why not make them? Jewellery is my thing, it has always been – and I am so excited to have a platform to sell my hand-made pieces.

The Stylist's Notebook Raya Rossi

Why chokers?

I guess chokers became such a big street style trend and I, as a relatively fashion awake person caught on. What I love about chokers is their fluidity. As much as everyone sees them as a 90s trend, their story goes further back than most people think. Queue courtesans during the 1800s with their neck bows, or thick lace neck adornments during the Victorian period. They’ve always placed women in high society. The bigger the jewels or the finer the lace the more important you were. One of my absolute favourite shows, Penny Dreadful, sees Eva Green rocking velvet chokers with spider motifs. Also the Frontier/ Cowboy neck ties – they give such a relaxed yet cool factor to any look. Does is really get better than that?

 How do you define your personal style?

I’ve used the same description for so many years now… eclectic. A bit of this and a bit of that sort of jumbled into one. I will say I have a heavy hand when it comes to bohemian touches and have been known to love a little camel safari look. Other than that it changes each day. I’ve never been too on top of trends, I’ll follow them if they fit my personal vibe or emotional movements of the day.

In a nutshell… pointy black boots, sack dresses, a good hat all in quality fabrications and natural fibres.

The Stylist's Notebook Raya Rossi
The Sty;ist's Notebook Raya Rossi

You’re a Creative Director at A Fashion Friend, a prolific blogger under The Visual Journal and now a jewellery and accessories designer- how are you balancing it all?

Kind words Sheena! Well, to be honest, it’s a bit of whirlwind right now. I guess balancing is the right word. I can only do so many things with a 24 hour day. I am lucky enough to work in an environment that encourages change and entrepreneurship. AFF was one of the main forces behind getting this out there. My team and Robynne are so supportive. My biggest mechanism is allocating time and energy to where needs it the most, we can only do our best hey.

Advice for anyone who wants to start up a fashion business and take it online?


Shopify… it’s so the way to go! And use social media of course, I started selling on Instagram and went from there.

Can we look forward to an expansion of the line?


For now…. more chokers/ boleros and neck ties… am aiming to have a new range out in April/ May but you never know. I need a little sleep and I’ll get back to you!
The Stylist's Notebook Raya Rossi

Please Note:

Discount code TSNDESERT will run between Monday, the 20th of March to Sunday the 26th of March.

Discounts only apply to products purchased on, courier fees will be charged at full price.

Discount code applies to South Africa and internationally but please check delivery and return terms before purchasing.

The Stylist’s Notebook is not earning any portion of sales made from the use of the discount code, just sharing a discount opportunity with readers and social media followers.

The Stylist's Notebook Raya Rossi

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