Gratitude in the first quarter of 2019

We often read about the great things that can come from practicing gratitude- one study states that finding things to be grateful for is a neurological trick which makes the brain happier. It makes sense! Identify the good and the bad is often put into perspective. So I thought I’d count my blessings from the year so far- not in a show off way- just to share what’s cheered me up in 2019.

Travelling more often

Before last year I didn’t really travel too often. I’d been on trips in high school through my involvement in dance and my brother and I went on a 20 days trip in 2010. Then I’ve had the odd getaway since, but last year I really stepped it up and exploring more made me much happier.

This year I’ve set a goal of a trip to either Zanzibar, the Phillipines or Sri Lanka in December and a few small trips in between. In February we took an impromptu flight to Durban and had a beautiful 3 day weekend just before Valentines Day. We’ve also taken a long weekend at Hartebeespoort Dam and started planned a weekend on KZN’s South Coast in May. So doing well on the short trips! We’ve started research and saving for the December trip, I’m hoping to have flights and most accommodation booked by September!

The Stylist's Notebook- Gratitude in first quarter of 2019

Relaxing my daily practice

One of the best parts of the Yoga Teacher Training I did with Tegan Burger last year was starting a personal practice. Going from a studio environment to a personal practice at home can seem scary, where do you even start? A sequence, an intention, are you even breathing right? Sometimes I would lose concentration in the middle of a sequence I’d thought of (or remembered from a class) without another person to guide. Honestly, repetition is key as the more you do it, the more naturally it comes.

Last year after I finished my teacher training, I aimed to do a 30-50 minute practice 5 times a week. This year I aimed to make that 4 times a week some weeks but add in some other form of connecting to myself so I was still active 5 times a week. With my schedule filling up with classes and content creating work, it’s been difficult. The direction I’ve gone in is shorter practices on busier days. It’s been an eye opener in that instead of doing the same sequence with small variations daily, my practice is more fluid and relaxed, meaning I’m able to feel what my body needs and tap into that at the very start. Which is a pretty good place to be, even if it’s just temporary.

The Stylist's Notebook- Gratitude in first quarter of 2019

Spending more time on this blog

In January, I put together a vision board with some simple images and phrases I felt portrayed a holistic, well-rounded person and 365 days. One of the images has to do with health, one with travel, one with personal space and one with work life. The work includes teaching yoga, content creation and of course this blog.

This one is a little bittersweet because I felt like a started the year off well. I planned, researched, created content and posted, however, I’ve fallen off the track already. The takeaway is that I actually enjoyed creating and writing for the blog instead of procrastinating. The procrastination is always followed by feeling guilty about not have been productive and letting myself down. So right now, I’m taking it as it comes and trying my best to post 4-6 times a month as long as I enjoy the process and think that the content will resonate with others.

Learning to lose clients with grace

This year is not the first time I’ve lost a client but it was the more difficult. The first time I lost a yoga teacher, it was actually a friend- which you’d think would make it worse… but I understood that she was trying to support me when I had just started and I understood why she couldn’t continue.

My last experience, losing a client who I saw often enough to help me feel safe and secure financially different. It was a big learning curve on how to speak about the boundaries of my business being respected. It also led me to think about my ‘ideal client’ and who they actually are. I think this is a potential lesson for any relationship- whether it’s business or not. Particularly in the wellness business, it’s also important to realise that everything is an ebb and flow. Sometimes clients will fall away and it’s ok. The worst attitude to take is one of needing a client, because it comes from a place of ego and not one of wanting to help, heal or empower the peeople inviting your service into their lives.

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