Jo’best Club – Bloggers Edition 2.0 was recently held and this platform for sharing skills and knowledge did not disappoint. The half-day workshop had exciting talks and group sessions with media gatekeepers, bloggers and photographers like Uno de Waal of 10and5, Sam Wright of the ever popular Tech Girl and professional videographer Nicole Olwagen. We also got a quick question and answer session with the hosts of the day and Jo’best founders, Angie Durrant from Lucky Pony and She Said’s Anna-Belle Durrant. There were more seasoned bloggers and people just starting out. The community feeling of exchanging knowledge and learning from each other was fantastic. That being said, since I’ve started The Stylist’s Notebook I have found so many people- bloggers, photographers, friends working in social media management- are so willing to talk and share if you just ask.

But back to the workshop, I didn’t manage to take any decent shots on the day despite Nomads & Co being a beautiful location full of natural light. There was so much to take in! But I did get this snap of the Maverick and Jane popcorn we got on our seats when we walked in and proceeded to demolish by lunch, among other blogger-y things. I’m sharing some of the points from Uno and Sam’s talks that stood out for me.


10and5 founder Uno de Waal told us how the business evolved from start-up to evolution. 10and5 is a publication producing content and creating experiences with brands with it’s own video production company 5tudio. After his presentation, he gave advice to break through;

  1. Get something up- rather have something out that’s not perfect than nothing out at all.
  2. Don’t expect to make money from advertising- write articles, get into public speaking, monetize ideas, host events.
  3. Play the volume game- Better to do 10 short articles than 1 long article.
  4. Create the right content for your audience- figure out what readers want and what they don’t.
  5. Create opportunities to get seen- attend events, network, write guest posts, use specific social media placement and recycle old content on social media if you don’t have anything new.


I was actually shocked when Sam said she’d started Tech Girl two years ago, because it seems like Sam and her blog have been part of the influencer landscape for much longer. That’s because she set a goal to post daily and stick to by giving up weekends before she worked at the blogger friendly Webfluential offices.

  1. Stick to scheduled posts.
  2. Don’t create for the wrong reason- content based on brands should be about brands you would actually spend money on, and hold value for the reader.
  3. Be authentic- be relatable enough for readers to feel they would be your friend in real life. Avoid becoming a persona.
  4. Invest in learning.
  5. Know your audience- by stalking them. Analyse who interacts with you by studying analytics to figure who they are and what their habits are. Also remember that when you change channels, you’ll get different audiences.

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