Congratulations on making it through another month of 2016! Trend analyst Nicola Cooper, whose musical taste is more than just a little country- in the best way, has us covered this October. Her company Nicola Cooper Trend Research and Analysis, go deep on investigating both local and international happenings to figure out why people wear the clothes the do. In her own words, “it’s never just about the clothes”. To do this Nicola and her team don’t just look at what is shown on the runway and worn on the streets, but the socio-economic and political climates, shifts in lifestyle and the zeitgeist to figure how what consumers really want and most importantly, why. Trends research has evolved a lot since I was in a class taking notes about theories, so it’s a job that needs someone who is observant with critical thinking skills and high adaptive.

When Nicola isn’t doing field work or presenting to some of South Africa’s biggest retailers, you can find her mentoring the industries upcoming tastemakers and media gatekeepers, playing with her fur-child Bowie and probably listening to some Dolly Parton. Thanks so much for this nostalgic, road trip perfect playlist Nicola!

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