Johannesburg raised and based Thozi Sejanamane is a multi-hyphenated creative who is a construction of the internet. “During the day I am brand manager at the leading influencer marketing platform in Africa, Webfluential, and at night I look for new ways to affect music culture in South Africa through The Fuss. I’m also really good at pretending I’m a photographer, skateboarder and DJ”

I recently took part in the Ocsober initiative and the most rewarding outcome had nothing to do with sobriety and everything to do with wealth. Not drinking alcohol meant that for the first month in a while, there was too much money at the end of my month. I made it through to Payday with extra money which I immediately put towards my investment account.

I’d like to continue this pattern and one thing I’ve started doing is avoiding the post payday turn-up. My Pay Day playlist is the antithesis of the turn-up. It’s curated for easy listening from the comfort of your home where the content of your wallet are most secure. The playlist also represents my varied taste in music and appreciation of our local talent in traversing hip-hop, RnB, Electronica, Jazz and Indie.”

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