Regaining Health: Motivation

In the last of our Regaining Health Series, we look at motivation. All of us have dips in motivation at some point in our journey. Work, studies, socialising or something out of the blue could take your motivation for a knock but there are two things to know; 1. Motivation fluctuates, that’s natural and 2). It happens to other people too. Understanding that can really help! 

Understanding Motivation

To understand motivation, understand your own goals and expectations first. This goes back to the last Regaining Health post where you wrote down fitness goals and the secind post in the series where you asked yourself a series of questions. One of the big questions was “What am I willing to give up in order to change?”. Knowing what you want, researching how to get there and making achievable, appropriate goals is the first step. Once you know your specific outcome and the habits you need to get there, rationally speaking, it should be easy to do the work. However, life doesn’t always play that way and looking at health holistically we know that that’s often not the case. So what should you do when you start to feel demotivated? I don’t have all the answers, but here are some suggestions. 

What is getting you down?

Maybe it’s been a week at work or studying with little time to be active and you can feel some of your strength is gone. Perhaps you had a super social weekend and didn’t eat the type of meals you prefer. It could be an unexpected experience that’s left you feeling a disconnect from your mind or a comment about your body that’s got you feeling off centre. These are not excuses- these are valid reasons to feel demotivated. Often when we identify the feeling but not the cause, that feeling can knaw away at us slowly and persistently. Give yourself permission to process the feeling and work your way through it till you find the root cause of the issue. That could help you get back on track. 

Go Back to the Start

Earlier on in this post I mentioned the list of questions I put together for those starting their journey to health and well being. If you’re feeling demotivated or overwhelmed, grab out that piece of paper and read it carefully. What did you want when you started? Chances are, you’re probably much further than when you started! If what you want has changed, don’t think of it as starting from scratch but rather part of your evolution. 

Have the goal posts moved?

I’ve spoken to many people who start on a new goal before acknowledging one they’ve achieved. Moving on and up is a good thing, but if you’ve challenged yourself and conquered a feat-not matter how big small- stop and give yourself a pat on the back. Otherwise, you could just be creating a cycle of moving your goal posts without realising how well you’ve done along the way. Hopefully, you’ve just looked at your goals and reminded yourself of what you’ve accomplished already.

Look to Others

Social media can inspire you or you can compare yourself to others. As with everything in life, what you chose to take from it is up to you. Look at people who inspired you and instead of playing a comparison game with them, look at how far they’ve come. If getting fitter is your thing #transformationtuesday is a good one for this. You want to eat better? There are many women just like you who have managed to improve and are telling their stories. If they can do it, so can you. My favourites ladies who are holistic and often very humble about their lifestyles and how far they’ve managed to come. Here’s a list of them

Keep your habits strong

Habits that form a healthy lifestyle are tough at the start but eventually, they become second nature. I used to be the girl who lay in bed late, ate leftover cake or takeaways for breakfast and spent more time on a couch watching TV than any other pass time. Even when it’s hard and I don’t feel like it, I do my best to get up early, to move until I can feel the difference and eat something nourishing. It’s not always convenient but it’s always been worth it. I just came back from a holiday where I got up before 6:30 every day because my sleep cycles are used to that. I walked or practiced yoga at the beginning of the day cause my body felt tight without it. About 60% of our meals were veggie filled and unprocessed because when I don’t eat that way I feel uncomfortable. It’s second nature now but it wasn’t always. These little things add up until they are habitual and then, even when you’re demotivated you find yourself doing them anyway.  I hope you find your balance in adding the everyday habits you want more of in your life. 

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