If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m always up for a challenge. Well, just about always. Not the Iron Man kind of challenge, mind you, but a style challenge I’m always up for. So when the kind folks at Salt Water Sandals told me about their #sockandsandals Style Challenge, I was game. Now socks and sandals are a tricky trend to say the least. Looking online you’ll see a lot of minimal layering in monotonal shades and slim silhouettes. You’ll also see it on models like Anja Rubik or super petite bloggers or tall and thin street style stars. So for me, the first step to the #SocksandSandals challenge was accepting that I will never have long, Anja Rubik legs that go on forever and getting over it. Because fashion is about having fun for everybody, and every body, out there.

The first look is some ladylike layering in rust and burgundy with a rolled sock. Do you remember when you were in high school and pulling up your summer socks up towards your knees, as high as they could reach wasn’t cool anymore? So rolling them down became the thing, remember that? That kinda roll is great to show some skin below your hemline when you want to add some length. I also want to take a moment for this duster length trench coat from Zara and the swishy suede pleats. Sigh.


knit MANGO/ skirt MANGO/ coat ZARA/ socks H&M/ sandals SALTWATER

I went back to black with contrasting textures and structured basics that have a twist. I really adore the sleeves of the tuxedo blazer and the soft sweater with the most luxurious feel. I let the sock contrast here, so the look was ‘t too heavy and you could see the sandal. To me, this is a good starting point for the #SocksandSandals trend. If black isn’t your bag try layering tailored pieces in a neutral, if you have a lot of in your wardrobe.


sweater H&M / blazer H&M / trousers EDGARS / socks H&M / sandals SALTWATER

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Photography JP HANEKOM/ Hair and MakeUp LIEZL LEECH

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