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Spring has sprung and as it does every year, the weather is confused. For cold-but-it-could-get-warm-later days, I like to layer inter-seasonal basics and right now I can't get enough of this Jane Sews duster. This 100% linen duster is from the last sale at With winter separates in contrasting textures like this leather look... Continue reading


January is full swing. One way I like to get enthusiasm for the office return up is to dress the part with a workwear change.  Whether you’ve been back at work for a few days or today is your first day in the office, here is some workwear inspo. I’m lucky enough to have a… Continue reading


    This month’s chromatic list is about black and white separates with a touch of gold. I’m increasingly drawn to classic and enduring items that are well made with design that will stand the test of time- call it a shift towards slow living if you will. Each of these pieces still has an… Continue reading