What it takes to take the perfect selfie, with Bee Diamondhead

The Stylist's Notebook Perfect Selfie with Bee

Bee Diamondhead is a personal hero of mine and one of Joburg’s #selfiequeens. Lucky for me, she’s giving me selfie lessons, which means she’s also giving you selfie lessons by proxy. So if you feel like your pose and pout are on point but the pic never comes out just right, read on.

The Stylist's Notebook Perfect Selfie with Bee1.  Don’t give a fuck!

Confidence is really important here. If you’re worried about people judging you or giving you strange looks you can’t reach your full selfie potential. You gotta be able to raise that camera, tilt your head, arch your back with all the confidence in the world. Basically babes… You gotta love yourself!!
 The Stylist's Notebook Perfect Selfie with Bee

2. Find your light!

Or be ready when that good light finds you. I always say to people when they’re watching me in my selfie zone that “good light will imprison you” and it’s so real you guys! The perfect light can change your whole game. Literally basic to fleeky in a flash!

3. What’s your angle?

Face, butt, titties?? you gotta work something. Kim gives really good face. But when the moment is right, that girls ‘belfie’ (butt selfie) game is really on! Princess Rih Rih gives the most fierce face. I love a good face selfie especially after I’ve just got my hair did. I’ll smize so hard you’d think I was auditioning for SA’s Next Top model. But there’s also nothing like a body selfie after a great work out. You gotta show off your best assets babes.
The Stylist's Notebook Perfect Selfie with Bee

4. Never ignore a mirror!

I love a mirror selfie. For some reason, they always come out so good! If you’re having a shit day and you walk past a mirror. Take a selfie! You’ll feel tons better! It’s like a little pat on the back from yourself reminding yourself how great you look. They are also perfect for outfit selfies.
 The Stylist's Notebook Perfect Selfie with Bee

5. Caption is so important.

Especially with selfies. People will roll their eyes like ‘Oh god she’s posting another selfie’ but they’ll read your caption and laugh or cry then it’s all good. Beauty’s with brains are the best!
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